Monday, 18 November 2013

Lizarmen: SLANN III finished

Good morning people!

I've ended the Slann, you can see the base. I've undercoated with black and then dry brush of grey adding white to mixture for the next layers. Then I've painted with nuln oil ink to create the shadows and hightlited again with a very light drybrush of codez grey. 

When everything was dry I've added the grass (yellow and green grass), I've added sand too painted with brown colors and highlighted with bleached bone and the moss to the base and "voilà" and ended Slann base.

Only rest one thing, add the Slann and varnish all the model with vallejo model air mat varnish. Here you are the pictures of ended Slann.

Yes, there is a carrot behind the Slann and no, this is not a part of the model ;)

I hope you like it, this week I'll show you ended skinks and the movement tray for the skirmish skins that I'm preparing at this moment. 

See you soon folks! 

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