Monday, 11 November 2013

Lizarmen: SKINKS I

Hi to everyone!

I'm sorry, I was out during 5 months but, I've been working and I hadn't got time to post anything on the blog.

Well, I've changed the subject (enough space marines for a while), now I'm painting Warhammer Fantasy and I want to show you how I'm going on this project, I want reach 2500 points of a lizarmen army and I've started for the basics! One unit of skinks!

Here you are, I'm trying to recreate a scene on every miniature of the army, every unit will be a different scene, but every one of them together when the army it's done will recreate a Lustrian army getting out of the jungle:

The pictures:

Every one of the skinks has one euro penny and the base is magnetized, making the army transport easy!

The water on the bases and the movement tray is Vallejo water effects, it dries in 3 days and get totally transparent creating an excellent water effect.

The Vallejo water:

On the next post I'll show you the unit totally ended, with the shields and the water completely clear. Next project of the army is a Slann and I have a great idea for him!

See you soon!

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