Saturday 18 October 2014

Undead: NAGASH

Here you are, the Lord of the Undead!!!

It's just the beginning, only airbrushed, still no brush needed!

I've used a white undercoat, and then I've painted with dark blue adding to the mixture white until I've got the clear white I was looking for.

It's done at 20% still a lot of work on it.

I hope you like it! see you in next updates!

Thursday 16 October 2014


Here it is,

after moths without publishing anything, I'll restart my weekly updating of the blog with this, a picture of my treeman inside de lightbox.

Hope you like it mates!

and this is a taste for my next post ;)

Wednesday 6 August 2014


Well fellas, after a few days of relax paintin other things, I've restarted my wood elves.

I only have remaining 10 waywatcher models, the sisters of the thorn bodies and one battle standard bearer, so.. it's almost done :)

I'm posting the pictures of my customized waywatchers, they're glade guard, standing on a tree, I've painted them using a diferent color schema than my other glade guard, to establish a clear difference.

The pictures (I've started use my lightbox!! awesome results taking pictures using it)

I hope you like them! next post the sisters ended :)

Wednesday 2 July 2014


Here you are,

my first unit of wild raiders and the wip of my sisters of the thorn unit.

The deers were painted with an airbrush, I can't live without him right now... In the pics you can't be able to see the shadows cause of my phone camera... I promise to do best pics soon.


 I'm ending the riders of the sisters of the thorn, this week I'll have it done!! see ya!!

Monday 30 June 2014


Hi, after my first Spring Treeman, I show my newest model, an autumn Treeman.

I've painted like the other one, airbrush, airbrush and a little bit more of airbrush. Only using paintbrush, for the small details and the red/orange parts of the model.

Here you are:

He is staring a fairy in his hand with a blue glow

I've decided green colours for the glows, because I've wanted to change a little bit from the other treeman.

I hope you like it. Today or tomorrow I'll have it ended, and the next one 6 wild raiders will come...

See you soon!

Friday 27 June 2014


Hi people here you are, my newest creation: a wood elf treeman.

I've undercoated in brown and highlighting with airbrush adding yellow to the mix.

Then I've painted the blue shining from the runnes in the body, with an airbrus to, first from darj blue to white adding white to the mixture.

The leafs are pink because I was searching a little blossomnes in the model.

Well here you are, the pictures:


Monday 23 June 2014


Hello dear followers!

I've started my Wood Elf army, I'm planning to have 2500 painted points in october. Unfortunatelly I've sold all my Lizarmen army, because I didn't like it.

Well, first of all I've started with the basics, Glade Guard.

I've undercoated in white, and then with airbrush I've painted the green layers. It's basic troupes do I'll not spend a lot of time on them, but I'm trying to paint them quick but nice.

Here you are the first 31glade guards:

The first 15 were painted using a summer schema, more yellow and dry collors and the others 16 were painted witha different schema, more like spring tones.

The spring ones:
The detail of the airbrush green layers to create shadows.


I hope you enjoyed the post, next unit will be the new 6 wild riders.

See you soon,