Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lizarmen: SKINKS II Movement tray for the skirmishers

Hello fellas! 

Today I'm showing to you my movement tray project for my skirmisher skinks. 

I've did it with three rows, I know the skirmirshers are on two rows not in three, but is an scenic movement tray and I think my opponents will not be diturbed if I play with it.

I've used the GW movement tray, and clay on the border to create the surface that I was looking for.

Then I added sand, stones and I digged the base to recreate the river and holes to put inside the trees. I'm trying to recreate the jungle aspect and I'm close enough.

For the trees I've used aquarium plants, cutted at the size I needed, you can find these plants on your nearest pet shop. 

The plants are something like that: AQUARIUM PLANTS

Well the pictures of the movement tray, I'm proud of it:

In this following pictures you can see white paste, it's the water effects of vallejo that I've presented to you in older posts:

When it dries, it has volume and transparency:

I hope you like it. Next post, ended skinks and ended skirmisher skinks.

Thank you for following me! see you soon!


  1. Looks cool, hope we can see some "normal" warriors soon

    By the way what happened with your pre-heresy army?

  2. Thank you very much, I'm dedicating a lot of efforts on this army, this weekend I'll post the first unit of skinks with their movement tray.

    With my pre-heresy army nothing hapened, only that I get bored to paint space marines hehe but on this christmas I'll have time and I'll combine pre-heresy space marines and lizardmen.

    Keep watching!