Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lizarmen: SLANN I

Hello fellas!

I know I told you that I was going to post the end of the Skink unit, but Slann come to my hands and I couldn't resist the temptation to paint it, hahaha!

This miniature will be the central piece of m army, so my intention is to paint it the best I can and I hope that it will be enough ;)

First of all, I've removed the burrs on the model, it's a metal model, so I used a modeling scalpel carefully because it's dangerous and it cuts a lot.

After that, I've primed the model with withe primer for airbrush (Vallejo primer premium or something like that). Then I applied the first layer of blue, dark blue, and after that always with airbrush, I applied the following layers adding withe to the mixture as far as you want the top light of the model.

After that, I clean the table and the airbrush and I've started to paint the details, the gold, some more lights on the face to create more contrast with the shadows.

I've painted de pustules and the pimples like that, like something disgusting, he is an ancient wizard, he doesn't care about his aspect. I've added some dark color to the shadows.

Well that's all, on the next post I'll show you the model ended and the base, I have an idea and I hope you will like it.

See you soon!

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