Tuesday, 29 January 2013

MKIII Tactical Unit: BASES II

Hi to everyone!

As I said, I show you the bases ended, maybe I'll do some tweaks on them, I think they're too darker, but this army will represent the Istvaan III slaughter and I think the dark colors give to the models the ambience that I'm looking for. 

Dust and ashes, blasted trenches, tangle wire barricades and broken fences is all I'm searching on this world eaters bases.

I varnished them with mat varnish but how you can see, some of them have been left brighter than expected, I've payed the hazing with this varnish, next time I'll apply less quantity over the models.

Maybe the color of the sticks isn't the appropriate, I'm thinking to repaint it in a beige color with a black ash stains due to the orbital bombing.

Broken barricade
Broken fence
Broken fence
Broken fence

Broken lamp post

Broken fence
Destroyed tank leftovers
And the two first members of this tactical unit, they were already finished, but they lacked the base and the weathering powders on the legs.

I prefer the first model I've taught due to the shoulder pads and the knees. On the first, the knees and shoulder pads haves a metal details that the second does not have.

And again you can appreciate the brightness due to the mat varnish I used, shame on me! On the next models I'll not use the same or I'll use less quantity over the model.

See you soon!

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