Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Hi to everyone!

At this moment I'm painting the shoulder pads of this world eaters, I've painted them using an airbrush.

The process to paint them is the following:

I've undercoated with chaos black all de shoulder pads, then I've used a Vallejo Model Air Dark Blue for the first layer with airbrush.
The advantage using an airbrush is that you only have to do two step for a great highlighting effect on the figure. I've only added a little bit of white to blue directly in the airbrush mixture jar and then you can have a perfect blur between layers. I repeated the adding white step on the mixture 3 more times to have more bright light at the end. The blur over the blue layers is perfect you can't see any abrupt colour jump between blues.

I can't wait to see those over an Astartes shoulder, I think that the highlight effect is almost good.

I want to show to all of you my airbrush (sorry about the picture):

It's a Ventus 0.25 Titan model, it has a 0,25 mm output painting stream. Here you are the URL (example url, if you are interested on it you can find some places cheaper than that): http://www.aerografia.com.es/tienda/product_info.php?products_id=571&language=en

The specifications of this airbrush are the followings:

- Double Action Airbrush.
- Deposit of gravity of 9 ml.
- Needle and nozzle of 0.25 mm.
- Air flow regulator.
- Regulatory needle path.

And this is my air-compressor:

I can't say what model it is at this time, but I will post it. The only things that I can say are that it has an air flow regulator and it isn't noisy.

That's all now, this afternoon I'll post the pictures of ended bases.

See you soon!

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