Friday, 1 February 2013

MKIII Tactical Unit: MARINES

Hello people!

Well I've finished the bases an the marines legs. I undercoat with black chaos, and then with airbrush I've painted the white on the armour. I've painted with boltgun metal the rivets and the knee-pad. After all painting task, I've put weathering powder on the legs to create the mud effect. I have to clean a little the base to decrease the orange colour intensity due the weathering powder.

There you are the pictures:

Actually, I've ended the shoulder pads too, I've painted the rest of the shoulder pad with boltgun metal, wash with badab black and highlight with dry-brush of boltgun metal and light dry-brush of mithrill silver.

The next step will be the chest, with metals and blue details painted.

See you soon!

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