Wednesday, 20 February 2013

World Eaters Stormtalon

Hi followers!

Due to a lot of troubles and a lot of job to do I couldn't post anything during these days...

At this moment, the three MKIII marines are in stand by because I'm waiting to paint the blue parts (head and backpacks) with an airbrush, because I'll paint it when I have more blue parts to paint, as I said before, paint with an airbrush is an expensive job to paint only these small parts.

While I'll wait for the blue, I've started the painting of a Stormtalon, I like this model and I want two of them in my pre-heresy army.

I've read a lot about the pre-heresy era and heresy and this ship isn't mentioned in any place, I don't know when it's made, maybe during the heresy? maybe later? As I don't know these details, I've decided to include two of them in my army. Is there any place or text telling us that there weren't Stormtalons during the heresy? I don't think so.

Well here you are, the first pictures of the Stormtalon WIP. I've undercoated all of the ship using airbrush, with black, and then I've added white to the mixture and I've painted a lot of layers until the colour is pure white.

The ship is in the first stages of the painting, but you can have an idea of what I'm looking for. I already have a lot of job to do!

Painting with an airbrush is very easy when you got the formula of the paint thickness you can paint during hours!

Well, I'm planing to finish the model this weekend, I'll have time to paint it.

See you soon.

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  1. At the end of the day, it's your hobby. If you want to use storm talons, and you're using the vanilla Codex: Space Marines, there's nothing stopping you.

    That said, during the Heresy the Space Marines primarily left air support to the Imperial Navy.

    Large squadrons of Vultures, and Avengers were used for the same tasks that the Storm Talon fills.

    With it being war on a larger scale, the marines weren't used as the pin-point strike forces they are now. They were the back bone of frontal assaults (especially the world eaters) so their support was very limited.

    Things like Land Raiders and predators made ample appearance because of their mobility and function, but even Thunderhawks and Storm Eagles (the forgeworld upscale of the Stormraven) weren't really used for more than just deploying units.

    Either way, use Storm Talons, enjoy Storm Talons and yours looks great.