Sunday, 24 February 2013

World Eaters Stormtalon III

Hello people!

Lot of job done, but I don't finished yet!

I've painted the inside of the cockpit, the screens, the buttons and all the other stuff inside off it. I've painted some screens blue, maybe the notification screens and green the radar screen , I've pretended to recreate a radar screen, but I've done everything possible to create that effect, judge yourselves, comments will be appreciated.

I've painted the battle damage too in some of the edges of the ship. First I've painted with black, then boltgun metal, black wash, and highlight with chainmail.

The next step will be the small details on the ship (antennas, the lights and the "aquila" of thee nose), and weather all the ship with black weathering powders.

I'll paint the guns separately because I couldn't paint it well if they are glued to the ship.

Here you are the pictures:

I like how I'm painting it, maybe the next one I'll change the colors order, the white part will be blue and vice-versa.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, see you soon with the almost complete stormtalon ;)


  1. The cockpit looks amazing (I'm sure the rest will when you are done), really effective!

    Was aiming for an effect like that on the inside of some of my vehicles, but didn't feel the inspiration and just glued them up.

    Seeing this makes me wish I hadn't, will have to have another go now!

    Cheers for posting!

    1. Thank you very much, maybe today I'll post some new pictures, it's almost finished, I had a several troubles with weathering powders on it, and I had to repaint some parts due to my mistake :'(

      thanks for comment!

  2. Que ejercito más chulo te estás haciendo y que bien está quedando el avioncito...
    Deseando ver más me tienes...
    a ver si hablamos,
    Un saludete.

    1. Gracias tio!

      la lié con los polvos de pigmento y la enguarré de mala manera. Tuve que pillar el aero y volver a repintar algunas zonas porque me equivoqué bastante a la hora de aplicar el pigmento.

      Nos vemos el 18 no?

    2. Nos veremos el 18, y ya de paso te lo digo por aquí, a ver si te traes el angron que me gustaría verlo en mano y comentártelo.
      Lo de los pigmentos es pillarle el truquillo, para eso práctica y más práctica! es normal y positivo que la lies a veces, así aprendimos todos!

    3. jajaja sisi a base de errores aprendemos, no se, no estoy orgulloso de como me esta quedando, puedo pintar mucho mejor y no lo estoy demostrando con la StormTalon, pero bueno, la próxima no me pasa.

      Traeré a angron, don't worry y a mi panzafuegos que tambien estoy muy orgulloso de él.

      Tu me ilustras ;) en como puedo mejorar para la pròxima miniatura "pepino" que pinte.