Wednesday, 3 July 2013

World Eaters: Contemptor

Hello folks!

Here it is! My first World Eater contemptor dreadnought. I like this model, more than the new one, I think that the contemptor is more dinamic compared to the present model.

First of all, I had a lot of job cleaning the burrs, I'm sorry to say that but this model from Forgeworld comes with a lot of them... almost 50 pounds and I had to spend
a lot of time embellishing the model to paint it...

I undercoated with black, and then an airbrushed painting of white scale, from grey to pure white to achieve the degraded from black.

I did the same with blue, dark blue at the first layer and then I added white to the mixture until I had the brightness color that I was looking for.

After all of airbrush, some brush touches, the helmet, the imperial aquila and some battle damage.

At the end, the base, with tangled wire and some rocks, and the weathering powder!

I hope you have enjoyed my work, next unit, 5 catapracht terminators with assault bolters and energy axes ;) they'll be the unit of Angron!!

See you soon!

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