Monday, 8 July 2013

World Eaters: Cataphractii Pattern Terminators I

Hello my friends!

I present to all of you my first chataphractii terminator, he is the unit sergeant! He has an assault bolter an energy sword!

First of all, I've undercoated it with chaos black, and then using the airbrush I've painted all the white on the model to shade it. After that, I've painted
the bronze details of the armor and the leather roman legionnaire skirt with brown. 

How you can see, I've painted it all separatelly, the arms, the chest, legs and face, and after all the painting, I'll glued all.

To paint the sword, I used airbush only, from dark red to orange in a middle of the sword and on the other part conversely, to achieve an aproach to NMM, it was my first attempt to do a NMM, please don't be cruel ;)

The base is simple, cork, GW sand, tangle-wire and one MKIII helmet. I'll paint this helmet like an emperor son, I hate those guys!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, see you soon with this guy finished.

I'll paint the next 4 terminators in serial work, I've painted the sergeant on the first place, because I was trying things and to know the best method to paint it.

See you soon!


  1. Te está quedando un ejercito espectacular.
    Ganas de verlo en vivo en el próximo BarnaWA

    1. Gracias Cylde!!! ya lo verás en el próximo BarnaWA ;) espero tener 1000 puntos ya jejeje.

      La idea es, Angron como señor de la guerra, 5 termis, una escuadra tactica con 10 + rhino, 2 escuadras de 10 marines de asalto, contemptor y Stormtalon!