Tuesday, 19 March 2013

World Eaters: Loyalist Kharn

Hello people!

At this moment I'm embarked on a Loyalist Kharn conversion using the original chaotic Kharn.

First of all, the model is in FineCrap, ups sorry... Finecast, and it come with a lot of bubbles and burrs. I've spent a lot of time cleaning it, thank you GW. Well, after cleaning up the model, I've started to remove all the chaotic symbols that I didn't want on it. I've removed all the shoulder pad khorne symbol, the skulls on the knees and the big skull on the belly.

After that I've modeled a new shoulder pad, only the contour, simply shoulder I'll put any world eater symbol from etched brass later (when I buy it from FW).

I've tried to create a world eater symbol in the belly, but judge yourselves on the picture :P. It's my first attempt to create something with green stuff, I think that it's not bad.

I've added an imperial eagle on the right knee and a purity seal on the left one, and tried to create a crest on the helmet, well I think that when it's painted will be another thing (better I mean).

Well the pictures bellow!

Cleaning up

First World Eater belly attempt

Purity seal

Second World Eater belly and the imperial eagle

Contour of shoulder pad (Khorne symbols removed)

The crest

Frontal of the crest

I started to paint it yesterday and I think in a few days I can post the model ended and the progress of the painting.

Thank you! see you soon!

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