Monday, 25 March 2013

World Eaters: Loyalist Kharn II

Hello followers!

Here you are, two more pictures of my Loyalist Kharn, it's in a very advanced painting process.

I've undercoated with chaos black and then with airbrush I've highlighted the armour with white, from grey to pure white in the most illuminated areas.

Then using vallejo bronze I've painted all the armour ribets ant the contours. Then I've aplied badab black wash over the bronze areas and I've drybrushed 
with bronze again and at the end I've highlighted with a mix of bronze and mithril silver it was a very light dry brush.

For the flesh I've used the same colors of Angron skin, tallarn flesh, then ogryn flesh wash, and highlight with tallarn flesh, adding white to mixture, from 1:3
of white:tallarn to 1:1 mixture for the maximal light.

The helmet has the same armour colors, vallejo bronze, badab black wash and drybrush with bronze. I've decided to not apply the mithril silver + bronze last highlight 
layer to the helmet, because I prefer this dark colour on it.

Almost done!! see you!!

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