Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Lizarmen: TEMPLE GUARD 1/36

Hello my friends,

in the last post I showed how can you paint the basic coat to lizardmen with an airbrush. Well today I'll show my first ended temple guard.

I'll not explain all the process you can se it how I did watiching the pictures.

Basically, higlight with temple guard blue addiing white, the scales with enchanted blue adding white, the gold like de Skink Priest ;), bone and nails bleached bone, shadow with agrax earth shade and highlighted with bleached adding white.

I hope you will enjoy it:

To decorate the base I've used stones like the Slann stones and GW sand:

The first look of the unit! Still 35 on queue to be painted =)

Soon more updates!!

see ya!

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